Non-Emergency Medical Transportation (NEMT)

Non-Emergency Medical Transportation (NEMT)


Non-Emergency Medical Transportation (NEMT) services are transportation options specifically designed to transport individuals who have medical needs but do not require emergency medical attention. These services are crucial for people who may have disabilities, medical appointments, or other healthcare-related transportation needs.

NEMT services can include wheelchair-accessible vehicles, ambulances, and other specialized vehicles to ensure safe and comfortable transportation for patients to and from medical appointments, hospitals, clinics, or other healthcare facilities. These services help ensure that individuals can access necessary medical care, even if they have limited mobility or medical conditions that require assistance during transportation.

NEMT Gurney Service

NEMT gurney service is a specialized form of Non-Emergency Medical Transportation (NEMT) designed to transport patients who are bedridden, have limited mobility, or require transportation while lying on a gurney or stretcher. Here’s a brief description of NEMT gurney services:

1. Patient Comfort:

NEMT gurney services prioritize patient comfort and safety. Patients are securely strapped to a medical gurney or stretcher to ensure stability during transportation.

2. Specialized Vehicles:

These services use specially equipped vehicles that are designed to accommodate gurneys or stretchers. These vehicles may also have features like hydraulic lifts to facilitate easy loading and unloading of patients.

3. Trained Staff:

NEMT gurney service providers employ trained and certified staff, including drivers and attendants, who are knowledgeable about patient care during transportation. They ensure that patients are properly secured and comfortable throughout the journey.

4. Medical Escort:

In some cases, a medical escort or healthcare professional may accompany the patient during transport to monitor their condition and provide any necessary medical assistance.

5. Scheduled Appointments:

NEMT gurney services are typically scheduled in advance to ensure patients arrive on time for medical appointments, procedures, or transfers between healthcare facilities.

6. Compliance:

These services adhere to all safety and regulatory standards to guarantee the safe and reliable transportation of patients with medical needs.


NEMT Wheelchair Service

non-emergency medical transport wheelchair service

NEMT wheelchair service is a specialized form of Non-Emergency Medical Transportation (NEMT) tailored to individuals who use wheelchairs or have mobility impairments.

Here’s a description of NEMT wheelchair services:

1. Wheelchair Accessibility:

NEMT wheelchair services use vehicles equipped with ramps, lifts, or wheelchair-accessible entry points. This allows individuals using wheelchairs to board and disembark the vehicle with ease.

2. Wheelchair Securement:

The vehicles are equipped with securement systems such as wheelchair restraints and seatbelts to ensure that the passenger’s wheelchair remains stable and safe during transit.

3. Trained Drivers:

The drivers are trained to assist passengers with boarding, securing wheelchairs, and ensuring their comfort during the journey. They are also knowledgeable about ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) regulations and customer service standards.

4. Scheduled Rides:

NEMT wheelchair services are typically scheduled in advance to accommodate patients’ medical appointments, therapies, or other healthcare-related needs.

5. Door-to-door Service:

These services often provide door-to-door transportation, meaning they pick up the passenger at their residence and drop them off at their destination, which may be a medical facility, clinic, or any other healthcare-related location.

6. Compliance and Safety:

NEMT wheelchair services adhere to safety standards and regulations to ensure the well-being of passengers during transit.

7. Accessibility:

These services cater to a wide range of mobility needs, including individuals who use manual wheelchairs, power wheelchairs, or mobility scooters.

NEMT wheelchair services are vital for individuals with mobility challenges, ensuring they have access to essential healthcare services and maintaining their independence in transportation. These services aim to provide a safe, comfortable, and accessible mode of transportation for individuals with disabilities or limited mobility



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